About Us

Koda invented the Astro-Grid in 1995 and for a time the Astro-Dating service was featured as part of his personal website. He dropped the service a few months later after realizing that manually constructing the (much simpler) grid for each member was financially impractical.

We are presently working with outside companies to complete the programming.

The 3-D animated video introducing the Wizard's Castle was created by Allen Cracraft. The soundtrack ("Goodbye to My Friends") was created by Koda and taken from the Head CD by Psychic Trance Fur.

Koda is also the author Instant Enlightenment: Metaphysical Fast Food, a songwriter, guitarist and lead vocalist in the (now defunct) band Psychic Trance Fur, poet, dabbles in computer art and has invented numerous processes and products. His personal website can be found at www.kodasplace.com.

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