April 21, 2005

Note: The celebrity compare and non-member grid pages are down temporarily, but should be up again by May 1. We're adding more functionality to our servers, but running into program bugs that keep refusing to be resolved. There isn't much you can do here now other than see what things are going to be like when it all gets up and running.

We are letting everyone have access to the astro-grid free right now, including the Celebrity Compare page (always free) and the 2-person (non-member) input page. The dating features will be online soon, but don't bother filling in the registration pages yet because they aren't working. We will post a note here when you can sign up, and all our beta testers will have free access to the entire site until we go live for real. When that happens (currently scheduled for June 1) everyone already signed up will get the next month free.

Coming in early May: Grid Square Pop-Up Info!

As soon as the astro-grids are working again, you will be able to click on the score symbols inside grid squares to read a text description for all the in orb aspects. In other words, if any two planets are affecting each other directly you will be able to read a description of the way they influence compatibility. You are definitely going to enjoy this new feature :)

So please bookmark this page, or check in here when you first arrive, because this is where we will be asking questions and letting you know how to respond. Any input at all will be appreciated at this point, so feel free to post your comments on the Forum or write to:


If you put "beta comments" or something like that in the subject heading I'll know it isn't spam.

We really hope you enjoy yourself here. We're doing all we can to insure that happens :)

Thanks for visiting our site! :)


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