User Agreement and Privacy Policy

Rather than provide some huge, complicated legal document that no one reads anyway, we prefer to keep things as simple as possible and explain what should be obvious.

First, astrology is not an exact science and we can make no claims for the accuracy of the compatibility information. The content of this site is provided for entertainment purposes only, and we are not liable for any errors or omissions. The information provided is our best attempt to describe what our present understanding of the principles of astrology indicate as being the most likely conditions to result from particular planetary relationships, and nothing more. You can expect the compatibility scores and personalized interpretations to change a bit now and then as we continually refine our interpretation methods.

The celebrity birth data was derived from public sources so we can not be certain of its accuracy, and of course, none of the celebrities listed have any connection to this site whatsoever. The information is provided purely for entertainment purposes.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy at is very simple. We don't release your personal information to anyone outside of the company without a court order, and we don't store your credit card information. We will not sell your email address to spammers. We make every reasonable effort to keep your personal information as private as we can.

That about covers it. We will make changes to this user agreement as the need arises, and your continued use of the site means you agree to the terms of the current agreement.

We hope you enjoy the time you spend here :)