Aspect Descriptions

! = 0° Conjunction: The planets are in close proximity to each other. They have similar influences and in most cases this is a favorable aspect. The exception is when the two planets being compared have conflicting characteristics. For example, Saturn conjunct any planet is usually considered negative.

% = 60° Sextile: This aspect is quite favorable in that it implies a creative influence between the planets being compared.

# = 90° Square: The most negative aspect. The influences seem to flow at 90 degrees to each other and almost always result in a destructive collision.

$ = 120° Trine: The most favorable aspect. The influences of the two planets flow easily together in a stress free fashion.

< = 180° Opposition: The influences pull in opposite directions. In most cases this is negative, though occasionally the idea that opposites attract can apply, yet such situations are rarely easy to deal with. When applied to analyzing compatibility, the Astro-Grid® is weighted toward scoring highest for happy, enjoyable relationships, so oppositions are rated as negatives.