House Descriptions

First House: Self Aries/Mars How we project ourselves to others, our physical body type

Second House: Values Taurus/Venus Money, real estate, aesthetics

Third House: Communication Gemini/Mercury Mental agility, self expression

Forth House: Home Cancer/Moon The home, the nurturing principle

Fifth House: Entertainment Leo/Sun Romance, entertainment, indulgence, public places, children

Sixth House: Work Virgo/Mercury Employment, service to others, mundane chores

Seventh House: Partnerships Libra/Venus Long term relationships, the other, commitment

Eighth House: Sex and Investment Scorpio/Pluto-Mars Sex, life and death, investment, inheritance

Ninth House: Education and Travel Sagitarius/Jupiter Philosophy, higher education, long trips, idealism

Tenth House: Career Capricorn/Saturn Social status, authority, financial success

Eleventh House: Hopes and Dreams Aquarius/Uranus Innovation, spontaneity, friendships, goals

Twelfth House: Spirituality Pisces/Neptune The unconscious, dreams, psychic phenomena

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