How to Use the Astro-Grid™

Click on stuff!

There are well over 200 links on every grid that pop up info and interpretations in new windows, plus a button to display a printable, personalized, 8 to 12 page compatibility report.

Check the Overall Astrological Compatibility and Main Area Compatibility scores along the top of the grid display.

Below that click on the Love and Sex scores for pop up explanations describing the areas being scored. Higher numbers are better.

Glance at the bright colors scattered across the grid to see which colors are most prominent. More purple, green and blue indicate greater compatibility. More yellow and red indicate less compatibility.

Astrological compatibility works by comparing where the planets were located when you were born to where they were when someone else was born. Each planet represents a different area of personality, and the angles (aspects) between them indicate how well those areas of personality interact.

To compare one of your planets in the left column to one of the other's planets in the top row, look at the grid square to the right of your planet and below the other's planet.

Click the Planet Symbol, ie., inside a planet box to read descriptions of the personality traits associated with each planet.

The personality characteristics represented by the planet are modified by the sign the planet is in.

Click the Sign/Degree, ie., "16Gem04" inside a planet box to read the description for the sign the planet falls in.

If there is a Score Symbol (black box with a number in it) in the center of a brightly colored grid square, click on the symbol and a new window will appear. This window contains a personalized astrological description of how the two planets (personality traits) are most likely to interact. Dozens of these aspect descriptions will be available for every compatibility comparison you perform.

Sample of Personalized Aspect Description


(possible 1 ~ 11)
A $ B Significance

(possible 1 ~ 3)
Jane's Sun Trine Bob's Moon
Emotional understanding of inner being.
Great for friendship because Jane will feel completely understood by Bob, who will in turn feel like he knows Jane's motivations and intent. Trust is likely to develop easily.

This button is located near the top right of the grid, and clicking it will display a printable, personalized compatibility report including all of the aspect interpretations described above.

Sometimes the info in the personalized pop up interpretations will contradict info in other pop ups. In this case both interpretations should apply, but at different times. The effects described will alternate from one condition to another.

You can view a sample grid containing examples of these aspect descriptions by clicking Here.

Pop-Up Info and Detailed Grid Info explain how to use the enormous amount of information available from every Astro-Grid.


If you are NOT seeing astrological symbols in the box below

please report the problem to Astro-Grid Support.