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Using the Astro-Grid™ to Perform Compatibility Comparisons

Don't let all the intricate details in the illustration above fool you. In just minutes you can learn to use the Astro-Grid™ to compare your astrological compatibility with another person in hundreds of different ways. The brief Read Me and Pop Ups pages provide all the information you need to make use of the grid in just minutes. These "Detailed Grid Info" pages discuss astrological compatibility in more detail, and explain how to use all those numbers and symbols inside the grid squares to get the most information possible.

Each square in the grid compares one planet (or astronomical reference point) from your astrological natal chart with one planet or reference point in another person's chart. Each planet represents a general personality characteristic, and astrological compatibility is determined by analyzing how these characteristics interact.

For example, the Sun represents a person's inner self - the characteristic ways in which we understand our own personality. When we ask, "What's your sign?" we are actually asking, "What's your Sun sign?" or, "What astrological sign was the Sun in when you were born?" The position of the Sun at the time of our birth is what we refer to when we say, "I'm a Libra," for example. Most of us will agree that our personality often reflects the characteristics of our Sun sign.

The same is true with the other planets. The Moon, for example, represents how we experience emotional energy. Whether we are passionate, nurturing, shy, outgoing, etc. is influenced by the position of our Moon at the time of our birth.

We can analyze how our Sun (inner self) affects the other person's Moon (emotional being) and vice versa, by looking at the grid square to the right of our Sun and below the other person's Moon.

If the grid square to the right of your Sun and below the other's Moon contains a Score Symbol (in the example above it is a 9) that score instantly tells you how compatible your Sun (inner self) is in regard to the other's Moon (emotional being). Higher scores, and their related score colors, indicate greater compatibility. (If no score appears in the center of the grid square, the angle between the two planets is "out of orb," meaning the planets do not affect each other in a significant way.)

Click on the Planet Symbol (or planet name) inside the planet box to read a description of the personality characteristics associated with that planet. Click the Sign/Degree inside a planet box to read the description for the sign the planet falls in. The qualities of the planet are expressed or modified by the qualities associated with the sign it appears in. That's why someone whose Sun is in Libra is different from someone whose Sun is in Scorpio -- the inner being (Sun) is expressed or modified by the sign it appears in.

In the example above, the score in the grid square comparing your Sun (inner self) and the other's Moon (emotional being) is a nine (9). This indicates that the other person's Moon, being receptive, will experience the outwardly projected energy of your Sun in a very positive way. The other person will understand who you are, on the inside, on an emotional level, which is a very nice quality to have in any friendship or romance. You would feel "recognized" emotionally by the other person, and they would feel like they know you well. If the score were a (2) there would be major difficulties involved. You would not feel like the other understands who you really are, and they would have trouble feeling like they understand your motivations and intent. Trust, or the lack of it, may be an issue. This same square indicates both how your Sun affects the other's Moon, and how their Moon relates to your Sun.

All the squares to the right of your Sun indicate how each of the other person's planets relate to your inner personality. In the same way, all the squares to the right of your Moon show how your emotional being (Moon) is affected by each of the planets in the other's chart. The grid allows you to compare all your planets (in the column on the left) to all of the other's planets (in the row across the top).

Without any previous understanding of astrological compatibility, you can quickly determine your astrological compatibility with another person, in hundreds of different ways, simply by glancing at the scores in the grid.

At this point you might want to take a good look at the grid and see how well you understand the way it works. Create a grid comparing yourself to a celebrity or another member, then come back here and click on "part two" at the top of this page to learn more about the other information available in each grid square.

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