Grid Quick Tips

If you haven't already done so, please look at How to Use the Astro-Grid before reviewing this page.

Check the Overall Astrological Compatibility and Main Area Compatibility scores along the top of the grid display. Below that click on the Love and Sex scores for pop up explanations describing the areas being scored.

Glance at the bright colors scattered across the grid to see which colors are most prominent. More purple, green and blue indicate greater compatibility. More yellow and red indicate less compatibility.

To compare one of your planets in the left column to one of the other's planets in the top row, look at the grid square to the right of your planet and below the other's planet.

Each planet represents a personality characteristic.

Click the Planet Symbol inside a planet box to read the descriptions for each planet.

The personality characteristics represented by the planet are modified by the sign the planet is in.

Click the Sign/Degree inside a planet box to read the description for the sign the planet falls in.

The large numbers in the center of each grid square rate the quality of interaction between the two planets (personality characteristics) being compared. Higher numbers are better.

Grid squares with bright colors and scores in black boxes indicate that the aspect (angle) between the two planets causes them to affect each other in a particular, significant way.

Click on the "aspects (angles)" link above the grid to read the description for each major aspect.
The personality characteristic represented by each planet is modified by the Sign it appears in. For example, the Sun (Sun Sign) represents the inner self, which is expressed by Aries as aggressive and outgoing, while Cancer is more quiet and nurturing. Just as the inner self is expressed with the qualities of the Sun Sign, emotions are expressed with the qualities of the Moon Sign, etc. The Sign of each planet is abbreviated between the degree and minute numbers at the bottom of each planet box (i.e., 22Sco37= Scorpio). Click the "Signs" link to see how each planet (personality characteristic) is modified by the Sign (mode of expression) it appears in.

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Yours/TheirsLove and Sex Grid Squares
Sun/Sun: How well your basic personalities will interrelate.
Moon/Moon: How well your basic emotional natures will interrelate.
Sun/Moon: How well they will understand you on an emotional level.
Moon/Sun: How well you will understand them on an emotional level.
Mars/Venus: How well they will respond to your romantic/sexual energy.
Venus/Mars: How well you will respond to their romantic/sexual energy.
Jupiter/Venus: Your generosity toward them and their appreciation of your sense of values, humor and adventure.
Venus/Jupiter: Their generosity toward you and your appreciation of their sense of values, humor and adventure.
Mars/Pluto: How they will respond to your "erotic" side.
Pluto/Mars: How you will respond to their "erotic" side.
Sun/Venus: How well their inner personallity will stimulate your sense of romance.
Venus/Sun: How well your inner personallity will stimulate their sense of romance.

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