Sign Descriptions

a Aries: (the Ram) Aggressive energy. The symbol for Aries looks like the shoot of a new plant pushing upward against all obstacles to find its place in the sunlight. A planet in Aries expresses its energy aggressively, impatiently and often selfishly. Aries is associated with the planet Mars (physical energy) and the First House (self).

b Taurus: (the Bull) Patience and value. The symbol for Taurus looks like the bulb of a plant storing energy, or the head of a bull. Taurus appreciates quality over quantity, has great patience, but can be "bullheaded" and stubborn. A planet in Taurus expresses its energy in a steady, determined way. Taurus is associated with the planet Venus (aesthetic values) and the Second House (physical values).

c Gemini: (the Twins) Rapidly changing energy. The symbol for Gemini looks like two bars, one above the other, with two lines of energy flowing between them. Gemini represents rapid change in first one direction then another. A planet in Gemini expresses its energy in an energetic, fluid manner, which can sometimes lead to indecision. Gemini is associated with the planet Mercury (communication) and the Third House (communication).

d Cancer: (the Crab) The nurturing principle. The symbol for Cancer can be imagined like the shell of a crab, with a hard exterior and very sensitive, vulnerable interior. Cancer represents the caring mother. A planet in Cancer expresses its energy in a quiet, protective, caring way. The negative side involves shutting out everything not contained within the protective, personal world. Cancer is associated with the Moon (emotions) and the Forth House (home).

e Leo: (the Lion) Life of the party. The symbol for Leo can be thought of as a lion's mane. Leo is the king of beasts, top of the heap, often with an ego to match the enthusiasm. Leo represents the gregarious showman and the social butterfly, more concerned with making a good impression than with long term value. A planet in Leo expresses its energy with the intent to impress. Leo is associated with the Sun (inner self) and the Fifth House (romance and entertainment).

f Virgo: (the Virgin) Analysis and attention to detail. The symbol for Virgo is (usually) an 'M' with its legs crossed. (This font shows an 'R' to the side of the 'M' which is representative of the symbol for a pharmacy or druggist, as Virgo is also associated with attention to internal physical health.) You can think of the 'M' as representing the virgin Marry with her legs crossed to prevent any invasion of her purity, or think of 'M' for "math" and the crossed lines as crossing every 't' (and dotting every 'i'). Virgo represents rational thought, service to others and the desire to "get it right." A planet in Virgo expresses its energy in a precise, calculated, critical way, which can sometimes lead to knit-picking and self-righteousness. Virgo is associated with the planet Mercury (communication) and the Sixth House (work).

g Libra: (the Scales) Balance and fairness. The symbol for Libra looks like a set of scales used to measure weight. Libra represents relationship to other, both socially and in one on one relationships, the desire for fairness and the intent to offend no one. A planet in Libra expresses its energy quietly in a personal way, and on the down side, the desire to offend no one can lead to an inability to make decisions. Libra is associated with the planet Venus (aesthetic values) and the Seventh House (partnerships).

h Scorpio: (the Scorpion) Hidden power. The symbol for Scorpio looks like an 'M' with its "tail" held up and open, the opposite of Virgo. Scorpio represents sex, death and regeneration, the unspoken, manipulative energy of sex appeal, "animal magnetism" and charisma. A planet in Scorpio expresses its energy as an undercurrent that probes deeply and can be directed toward helping others without expecting recognition, or can result in manipulative self promotion or withdrawal into self indulgence. Scorpio is associated with the planet Pluto (sex) [sometimes also Mars (physical energy)] and the Eighth House (sex and investment).

i Sagitarius: (the Archer) Lofty thinking. The symbol for Sagitarius is a horizontal line with an arrow pointing upwards, like a bow and arrow pointing towards the clouds. Sagitarius represents idealism, the pursuit of knowledge, romanticism and the quest for the highest achievement, sometimes to the detriment of awareness of reality. A planet in Sagitarius expresses its energy with enthusiasm and ambition, but doesn't always maintain the energy long enough to produce tangible results, which can lead to defensiveness. Sagitarius is associated with the planet Jupiter (abundance) and the Ninth House (education and travel).

j Capricorn: (the Goat) Authority. The symbol for Capricorn can be thought of as a "check mark" combined with a man holding a whip, implying someone in charge with the power of approval or punishment. Capricorn represents social status, law, career and the cold hard facts. A planet in Capricorn expresses its energy in an often powerful, "mater of fact" fashion with little room for leeway, which can sometimes lead to self righteousness or callousness. Capricorn is associated with the planet Saturn (reality) and the Tenth House (career and social status).

k Aquarius: (the Water Bearer) Non-conformity. The symbol for Aquarius is two wavy lines one atop the other, and can be thought of as ocean waves, where the water will explore every opening available to it. Aquarius represents the spirit of adventure, innovation, exploration and non-conformity. A planet in Aquarius expresses its energy in unpredictable ways, in short, powerful bursts which can lead to positive breakthroughs or pointless experimentation and lack of direction. Aquarius is associated with the planet Uranus (unexpected change) and the Eleventh House (hopes and dreams).

l Pisces: (the Fish) Spirituality. The symbol for Pisces consists of two curved lines with a connecting line between them, which is meant to represent two fish swimming next to each other in circles, or a great deal of activity with nothing apparent being accomplished. Pisces represents the spiritual or metaphysical reality which makes physical reality possible, the unseen forces of psychic phenomena and dreams, and the unconscious portion of our beings. A planet in Pisces expresses its energy as an emotional or intuitive force with very little being perceived on the surface. The energy acts in subtle ways which are not always open to rational argument, which can sometimes lead to a quiet arrogance and lack of communication. Pisces is associated with the planet Neptune (illusion) and the Twelfth House (spiritual reality).