Font Installation
and Technical Info

Font Installation
A particular astrology font (TrueType format) is required to use the Astro-Grid® and many of the related pages. However, this website has been optimized for Internet Explorer running on Windows XP, so most Windows users will not be required to install the astrology font. For others, the download and install is quick and easy. After installing the font you will need to shut down your browser and relaunch, so you should click here to go to the Welcome page, bookmark the page, then use your back button to return here and install the font.
ABCDE If you see astrology symbols to the left, you don't need to install the font. If not, please follow the instructions below.
Windows RIGHT CLICK on this link to the AstroGadget Font
Select "save target as" or "save target link as."
Save this file to "C:\windows\Fonts" or "C:\winnt\Fonts" directory on your computer.
Then close and restart your browser so the font will display properly.
Mac OS X Click here to download the font folder ( 68k)
Open the folder
Simply double click the font to install it under your user name only. - or -
Click and drag the FONT file (AstroGadget.ttf) to your primary hard drive icon >System Folder >Library >Fonts, and release the mouse.
Then quit and restart your computer so the font will display properly.

OS 9 Click here and when the page appears, click and drag the "AstroGadget.ttf" (60k) file to your desktop, then drag the file to the fonts folder inside the system folder on your start up disk.
Then quit and restart your computer so the font will display properly.

The AstroGadget font was kindly provided by Jason Davies,
Click here for copyright info.

Other Details
These pages have been optimized for monitor resolutions of 768 by 1024 or larger. Very few monitors made in the last five years are smaller than this, and to support smaller monitors we would have to drop the Ascendant and Nodes from the Astro-Grid, which would still have left the grid too large for some monitors. If you have to scroll to see the right side of the grid, at least know we tried :)

Another factor we tried to accomodate for was download times on dial-up connections. If your browswer cache is set for 10 MB or higher (the usual Explorer default setting) the pages should load much faster after the first time you view them. If you spend hours visiting other websites then return here, the pages may load slower again until the cache is refreshed. Increasing the cache size to 15 or 20 MB might prevent that from happening.