User Agreement and Privacy Policy

Rather than provide some huge, complicated legal document that no one reads anyway, we prefer to keep things as simple as possible and explain what should be obvious.

First, astrology is not an exact science and we can make no claims for the accuracy of the compatibility information. The astrological compatibility information provided is our best attempt to describe what the principles of astrology indicate as being the most likely conditions to result from particular planetary relationships, and nothing more. You can expect the compatibility scores to change a bit now and then as we continually refine the scoring methods.

The celebrity birth data was derived from public sources so we can not be certain of its accuracy, and of course, none of the celebrities listed have any connection to this site whatsoever. The information is provided purely for entertainment purposes and no contact information is provided for celebrities.

Reason and caution should be applied before providing anyone you meet online with personal information such as a phone number or address. We also recommend that you arrange your first physical meeting with someone you met online in a very public place, preferably while taking a friend along. Not everyone is honest and reasonable, so take your time to get to know someone online well before you venture beyond the safety of cyber communication into the real world. We are not responsible for the results of your interaction with people you meet as a result of using this site.

We believe that people should be able to express themselves in any way they choose so long as it does not force others to participate against their will, and of course, what you do must be legal. This applies here mostly in terms of what sort of photos and language you make available to other members. We are currently governed by the laws of the US state of Utah, which basically means anything beyond an 'R' rating for motion pictures is unacceptable. Photos can not depict sexual acts or involve minors in a sexual context. You may not post mature content unless you specifically indicate your willingness to view and post such materials during the registration process. We make a reasonable effort to block adult content for those who choose to avoid it, but we can not insure you will never encounter such content.

The language you use in your profile, some chat rooms, etc., does not have to exclude four-letter words, but humor, respect and common courtesy are highly valued here. We provide specific chat rooms for people who want to keep things clean, but we are not responsible for what occurs in private chat sessions. In the other chat rooms, "colorful" language may sometimes have its place, but foul and abusive language will not be tolerated anywhere on this site. Chat room monitors are not always present so we encourage our members to copy samples of abusive chat room text to send to customer support via email. We reserve the right to cancel the membership of anyone at any time, without refund, if in our opinion one's conduct on this site is deliberately offensive or otherwise violates this agreement.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy at is very simple. We don't release your personal information to anyone outside of the company without a court order, and we don't store your credit card information. Your email address is encrypted and stored on a secure machine so you don't have to worry about us selling it to spammers. Our privacy policy is to make every reasonable effort to keep your personal information as private as we can.

That about covers it. We will make changes to this user agreement as the need arises, and your continued use of the site means you agree to the terms of the current agreement.

We hope you enjoy the time you spend here :)