Astro-Dating News

Here is a time line of what has been accomplished and what the schedule is for getting other things up and running
August 2004
Project began.

September 2004
Two programmers don't work out. New guy comes on as main programmer.

October 2004
Grid program spits out data.

November 2004
Grid displays data, incorporates atlas, endless revisions.

December 2004
Grid and info pages on line, site pages nearly complete, limited beta testing.

January 2005
Registration pages under construction.

February 2005
Registration pages, profile and account pages still under construction, moved to data center.

March 2005
Launched access to the Celebrity Compare and Non-Member grid. Aspect descriptions begun. Moved to bigger data center. Another programmer gives up.

April 2005
Registration pages far behind schedule, forum installed, aspect descriptions pop up, Astro-Mail and Simple Search still not programmed. Newest and last programmer gives up.

May 2005
Koda finds venture capital, all programming (from scratch) outsourced to separate company.

Mid-June, 2005
Site Launch. Party!

August 2005 (one year from beginning project)
200 billion members, Koda finally finds a date.

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