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Comming October 2005

This brief tour will describe the main features here and introduce you to Koda's Astro-Grid™, a revolutionary display system which enables non-astrologers to compare astrological compatibility information at a glance -- while at the same time providing enough detail to keep you busy for hours comparing hundreds of specific compatibility details.

Site Features:

Compare Your Astrological Compatibility with Dozens of Celebrities (always free)
Search by REAL Astrological Compatibility (not just sun signs)
Personalized Descriptions of 100's of Specific Astrological Compatibility Factors
Discussion Forums
Local Get Togethers
Adult Content (and filters to block it -- you must be 18 to use this site)

Let's begin the tour by using the astro-grid to compare your astrological compatibility with some of the dozens of celebrities in our list. (You can even add your favorite celebrities to our database.) Of course, these celebrities have nothing to do with our site so you can't contact them, but you can use the astro-grid to see scores indicating how well you match up with them astrologically in dozens of different areas. (Due to the highly personal nature of the personalized pop-up interpretations, they are not provided on celebrity compare grids.)

After you click on the Celebrity Compare link below, type in your birth information then select the name of any celebrity in the list and click "compare." Once the Astro-Grid appears, click the "Read Me" link near the top of the page to learn how easy the grid is to use. You can see how you match up with dozens of different stars, then select "Continue Tour" at the bottom of the Celebrity Compare input page to learn how you can compare compatibility with someone who might actually want to meet YOU. (The interactive pages are NOT working yet!)

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you will need to download and install an astrology font to use this site.
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