Astro-Dating Tour: Part Two

Astro-Dating Tour: Part Two

REAL Astrological Compatibility Virtual Dating


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No other website in the world allows you to search for others by real astrological compatibility. There are only 12 different Sun signs, so any site that compares by Sun signs alone is like pretending there are only 12 different people in the world. Real astrological compatibility compares all the planets, signs, aspects and astrological house positions (which change a full degree every three minutes and fifty-six seconds) by also taking into account one's position on the planet at the precise time of birth. When performing an Astro Search on all these intricate details are analyzed before you are presented with a list of members ranked by their astrological compatibility with you. Anyone with experience in astrology will understand how valuable this feature is.

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Membername Sun Sign, age, location.
Relationship-status, sexual orientation, body type, height, weight, skin tone, hair length, hair color, eye color, tattoos, # of kids, political view, moral view, religion, education, occupation, income.
Favorite quote or pick-up line.
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The search results contain thumbnail photos and essential information regarding each member listed. From there you can view the member profile where you can view up to three personal photos, read the member's personal comments, see their answers to the personality profile questions, and contact them via Astro-Mail. Each profile page also contains a link to generate an astrological compatibility grid between yourself and that member.

In addition to sending and receiving messages via Astro-Mail (our internal e-mail system) if you have a web cam and/or microphone we'll show you how to set up video/audio chats with people down the street or across the planet using free third party software. (Properly equipped Mac users can see full screen, full motion video this way.)

Community is not just a dating site, it's a community.

We provide a forum for setting up local get-togethers at restaurants or clubs with wireless Internet access. This makes it possible to physically meet other members in a safe and friendly environment, as well as view compatibility info for any new member you might meet.

Getting Started
In order to increase membership as quickly as possible we are providing FREE membership during our beta testing phase. This is full membership, not the usual gimic where "free membership" means you are prevented from contacting other members till you pay. Click the "Sign Up" link below and in just minutes you will be viewing profiles of other members listed in order of those most astrologically compatibile with you.

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